Would a Liberal Government Reform the Canadian Space Program?

I recently published a story, some 3000 words, a speculative piece on what the consequences would be if the Liberals won the election next year. Here’s an excerpt.

Would a Liberal Government Reform the Canadian Space Program?

Parliament has adjourned for the summer and members of parliament (MP) are back in their ridings doing the summer BBQ circuit. But when they get back in the fall they’ll be in full election mode. So this seems an appropriate time as any to look ahead and gaze into my crystal ball and see what would happen if the Liberal’s were elected.

The next federal election is set by law for October 19, 2015. However the government has the option to call the election sooner and the political rumour mill is churning with that possibility.

With the economy supposedly doing better, and after several years of austerity, and with an election looming, the 2015 budget should see some increased spending. Will that translate into a boost for Canada’s space program. Likely not, as it’s not a priority topic with the average Canadian, who for the most part, are unaware to what degree their daily lives are affected by Canada’s space program and assets. So as an election issue it has no traction.

The Conservative government has been conservative with the Canadian space program. Base funding has been decreasing and only one national priority project is being funded to completion, the RADARSAT Constellation Mission. It seems unlikely the conservative government would change its position if it was re-elected.

But what is a Liberal government was elected?

While Liberal governments in the recent past haven’t exactly been generous towards Canada’s space program, they have invested more than the Conservatives.

So would a Liberal government invest more in Canada’s space program than the Conservatives would? I believe they would and here’s why.

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