My First Book – Join me on the Journey

For several years now I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a novel. Many years ago I even attended a writers festival when I lived in Vancouver. The festival itself did not inspire me, or set me on the path to be a novelist. Now though, I’ve decided to write my first book. Why not follow me on my journey?

I’ve never attempted to write anything longer than a feature piece, say up to 4000 words, which I’ve published online and in my magazine Space Quarterly. Those works relate to my job and are non-fiction.

However at various times the last few years I’ve outlined ideas for a few novels, both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve done little research on what it takes to be a novelist. I’m already a writer, but the transition to novelist is going to be an exhilarating, liberating and probably trying experience at times.

I’m going to have to learn the technical side of writing a novel along with managing the flow of ideas and storyline.

Why write a novel anyway? It’s not like I have a lot of free time. My work consumes altogether too much time. I’m passionate about my work and it’s great to be self-employed running your own company. However it does come with a cost. I mentioned the time issue, but there’s also the stress of making sure I’m earning enough money for everyone in the business.

As much as I love my work I find I also need another creative outlet, a personal one. I’ve taken to photography but that only satisfies me in a limited way and I don’t feel it shares enough of my thoughts and ideas with other people.

So I’m going to try and write a novel.

The question is, which story outline will I choose first? Or, will I start a few projects and see which one takes the lead.

The ideas I’m exploring now are in the fiction genre. Although I must admit there are some non-fiction ideas running through my head.

The two non-fiction ideas include a book on Canada’s space program and its societal impact and future. The other idea deals with Québec, the province I was born in. The recent student protests have got my attention. When I was 19 I left the province for the first time. I later returned when I was 21 and then left for good at 24. As a Québecer I’m a firm believer in federalism and the Canada that has matured in the last 135 years of nationhood. I believe Québec can stand strongly within Canada while retaining its identity. The problems seem more societal. I’d like to explore that in a book.

I’m not sure though if I want to write non-fiction first. That would be easier it seems to me. What really interests me, or maybe I should say, would challenge me more, is to write a work of fiction.
The two ideas I’ve started to outline include a science fiction novel with some religious and philosophical undertones. A journey through space and the mind. The other novel idea is general fiction, a novel that might have mass appeal. It deals with the journey through life of several characters in eight different cities. The characters lives would be explored during a “season” with the eight cities divided into four seasons. And I don’t mean season as in the entertainment television season, but rather the four seasons of nature.

At this point I’ve decided to explore the last book idea as my first book. That could change though depending on how things progress over the next few months.

As I journey through this new adventure I plan to share the experience with those readers who care to follow. I’ll provide updates on the book including character development and sneak peaks into various chapters. The first city in my book is Montreal and we’ll follow the character through the fall season.
I’ll end this initial post by saying I’m an immersive writer but perhaps multidisciplinary writer is how I should describe myself. What do I mean by that? Well, in deciding to move forward with this project I’m relying not on only my experiences and others I come across as I write, but I’m also helped by the photography I plan to take and the music I listen to or experience.

You can follow me on my journey through a new Twitter account I created; MBoucherWriter.