Mars on Earth and Mars Analogs

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the science mission and rover planning session for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) CREATE 2014 ongoing two week Mars analog rover mission. It was fun and brought back some memories of my own experiences at Mars on Earth on Devon Island, home to the Haughton Crater and the Haughton-Mars Project which I was involved in for many years. It’s hard to believe but its been nine years since I last went up. I’ll have a story posted on Monday about the current CSA CREATE program but below are some of pictures of Mars on Earth on Devon Island. [My story on SpaceRef Canada]

From Google Maps, the Haughton Crater on Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada.

From Google Maps, the Haughton-Mars Project base camp just left of top centre of the crater.
HMP base camp 2005.

The Mars Society Flashline Habitat which I helped build and was in the first crew.
Looking into the Haughton Crater and fields of breccia.
The Arthur C. Clarke which my partner Keith Cowing and I built and donated to the project.
The greenhouse team in 2005. I’m the guy doing the peace sign.
The hard work of the Canadian Space Agency, Guelph University, Simon Fraser University and others who built-out the interior and performed the experiments.
A panorama of the HMP base camp area.