How to Tune in and Filter out Twitter Tweets

twitter.pngSay you’re at a conference and you wanted to track all the Twitter chatter on the event, well the highly recommended blog ReadWriteWeb has a Twitter howto worth reading and is timely with South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive conference getting underway today.

“In talking to people who are going to SXSW for the first time and who haven’t used Twitter very much, I realized that it could be helpful to create an easy way for them to follow the messages of the defacto leaders of the Twitter community. Enter the Tweeterboard 100, an algorithm driven leaderboard of the most talked-about Twitter users.”

Now suppose you want to filter out the same chatter? Just because you’re friends and contacts are at an event doesn’t mean you’re interested in it. There are several filter services out there but the ReadWriteWeb howto deals with FeedRinse.

“Take that RSS URL and go to FeedRinse. It’s one of 6 ways we recently profiled to filter an RSS feed, but it’s the easiest to filter things out with. You’ll need to quickly create an account there, then add your Twitter feed. Once it’s imported then you can “create new rules” (see below) and block anything with SXSW in it.”

With an API that is simple to use Twitter is fast becoming an every day need to have tool.