The view from the podium as introduce the 2016 Canadian SmallSat Symposium which I organized

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, journalist, publisher, technologist and political economist.

I’m the founder of SpaceQ Media Inc. and co-founder of SpaceRef Interactive Inc.

SpaceQ Media Inc. is a privately held media and market intelligence company. Current products include the SpaceQ news website, the SpaceQ and Terranauts podcast, and the Short Cuts Newsletter delivering curated news.

Founded in 1999, SpaceRef is a new media company focused on the space sector based out of Reston, Virginia. The company maintains four online properties including, SpaceRef, SpaceRef Business, and the Astrobiology Web which aggregate news and provide unique content. We also publish the industry insider news site, NASA Watch.

I continue to build bridges by bringing people together to listen and exchange ideas. Some of the events I have conceived of and organized include;

– The Next Breakthrough Space Technologies for Canada – Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) annual conference. (2011)
– Commercial Space Resource Utilization. (CSAC annual conference) (2013)
– The Canadian SmallSat Symposium – Canada’s largest dedicated SmallSat conference. (CSCA -Founded 2016)
– The Canadian Space Policy Symposium (CSCA – 2016)
– Canadian Space Regulatory Roundtable – Ottawa (September 12, 2019) 


I’m available as a consultant.

Ongoing Companies
Advisory Positions
  • Unnamed space startups.
  • Western University – Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (2010 – 2019)
My Professional Memberships
  • Member, International Astronautical Federation Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee